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Resource Ed Personnel offers the most impressive suite of innovative support services currently available to schools, teachers and the wider education community for helping with short-term teacher replacement needs. Its knowledge of the education industry and its experience in servicing the changing needs of that industry has enabled Resource Ed to remain the leading education employment agency in Victoria.

Convenient online systems and dedicated personal support from local Area Managers work hand in hand to relieve the relief teacher of the complexities and frustrations of working day to day in multiple locations for different employers. The single employer choice provides a simpler solution and can maximise the relief teacher's earnings. .

Schools request online, or call Resource Ed to reduce the time, worry, competitiveness and cost of trying to manage and maintain their own stocks of replacement teachers. The local Resource Ed Area Manager then provides each school with its preferred best-suited teachers available according to known and respected needs, all from just one phone call, or from a few minutes online.

Resource Ed services government, registered and independent schools as well as select associated education services providers such as tutoring schools, camps programs, and welfare, ESL and Special Needs services.

Working Holidays for Teachers Visiting Australia

Casual Teaching Jobs Enjoy a successful and professionally rewarding opportunity of a working holiday in Australia. Resource Ed Australia (REA) offers an expanded suite of support services for eligible international teachers looking to work in Australia. VIEW

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